Professional programming services and IT products.

We have a team of over forty programmers specializing in various technologies.


Innologic provides professional programming services and sells IT products to the European market. It has a team of over forty programmers specializing in various technologies. The company’s strategy is based on two main profiles:

  • creating dedicated solutions for customer needs in technologies supported by our company
  • creating and selling solutions for systems from the Microsoft Dynamics AX family, adapting the system to customer needs, providing technical support services

The list of software

Supported by our specialists includes:

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Innologic has a team of programmers with over 15 years of experience in programming for Microsoft Dynamics AX systems. We support all product releases of this family, from version 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics D365 Financial and Operations. We have the technical knowledge and experience required to adapt the product to specific customer requirements. The scope of services in this profile includes the implementation of the client’s programming projects and the sale of custom products extending the scope of standard functionalities of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system.


List of recently completed projects:

  • integration with 21 external systems implemented in various technologies (AIF)
  • creating local network services mediating in integration processes (SOAP)
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET
  • duration: 2 years
  • creating modifications required to map existing processes of the company (customs service)
  • integration with external data systems using the OData standard
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET
  • duration: 1 year
  • integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX with a modern, fully automated warehouse system
  • development of the system in order to adapt to the applicable regional requirements
  • duration: 3 years
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET
  • creating tools for warehouse migration
  • extending of the WHS module to handle sets (KITTING)
  • technologies : native X++
  • duration: 2 years
  • redesigning and implementing existing modifications between versions of the system
  • warehouse module modifications (WHS)
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET
  • duration: 1 year
  • adapting the system to local legal regulations for individual branches of the company (international company structure)
  • technologies : native X++
  • duration: 3 years
  • support for current customer demand
  • implementation of the National Invoice Register (KSeF) module
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET

Project Zefir 2 – Integrated system for collecting receivables from the state budget

  • design and implementation of a high-access electronic payment platform
  • optimization of the performance of individual areas of the solution
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET, T-SQL
  • duration: 1 year

City Financial Management Project

  • implementation of a specialized integration interface with the KIR OGNIVO system
  • implementation of integration interfaces with BIK family systems (InfoMonitor, KRD)
  • implementation of an integration interface for sending JPK reports
  • technologies : native X++ and .NET
  • duration: 1 year
  • expansion of the online bank payment system
  • optimization of the performance of existing processes (creation of general sheets)
  • technologies : native X++
  • duration: 6 months

Microsoft Dynamics AX

We create products that extend the standard functionalities of the system or offer capabilities unavailable in it. We are a supplier of extensions adapting the system to the requirements imposed by Polish law.

Our products are characterized by a well-thought-out design and high quality implementation, which translates into specific benefits resulting from their use. The component architecture allows you to utilize common elements between different solutions, and the components themselves are designed to function in both on-premise and cloud environments.

List of currently offered products
for Microsoft Dynamics AX systems:

Domestic Invoice RegisterIntegration with external invoice repositories on the example of the Polish National e-invoice system (KSeF)
Master Data ServicesA set of extensions to the system based on access to public data sources (White List, verification of the VAT status of the taxpayer, information on business entities, information on banking institutions, Teryt)
E-BankingA module enabling the implementation of online banking operations, as well as import and advanced reconciliation of bank statements
SAFTModule implementing the generation of reports according to the Standard Audit File specification, with the possibility of sending directly from the system
Sales MailingSending sales documents (invoice, reminder, interest note) by e-mail

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